Rwandan community living inIndianapolis in United states have organized a friendly game to connect as they celebrate the tradition of the Umuganura fete.

The event took place at Northwest way park this week, attracted more than 400 spectators of Rwandan origin and the African diaspora as they connect and remind themselves once a cultural value of the Umuganura tradition in the old days.

The event was organized in spirit to see how Rwandan community who are abroad can re-connect with the African diaspora in the USA to continue self-sustain themselves as well as they keep values of Rwanda’s tradition so that it could help to conciliate, unite, exploit and give support in the process of their nation-building.

The event left Rwanda team loose and being beaten by DRC with 4 goals out of 3.

Thus, Senegal scored high, beating Togo 2-0 and DRC 3-0 in the 2nd edition of Umuganura cup.

Chairperson of Rwandan Community Abroad in USA Professor Prof. John Yves Musiine

Professor John Musiine, Head of the Indianapolis Rwandan Diaspora Network, said, Rwandan community targets teaching the youth so that they reap in whatever they do.

“They need to understand that the unity among themselves is too important, self-reliance and be passionate in whatever they do,” he said.

He clarified that in the world of football, when a team is co-operative and disciplined, it always wins, therefore, that it is timely and important for the youth in the diaspora to use that unity and the combine efforts and learn a lesson from the football.

“When they unite, the opportunity and skills they have would be exploited well to offer their support of building their nation as well as adding value on themselves,” Musine added.

“In this match, we have called on other African nations like Africa, DRC, Togo, Senegal so that they also fall into the same spirit of the Umuganura depicting the image of the tradition of unity and self-reliance of Rwandans that continues to give pride and value on their nation and Rwandans in general,” said Musine.

“Our African friends that will come from those countries have shown interest in joining us not only to celebrate Umuganura but also to a lesson from us. So that they could go and help their communities too,” he added.

Niyitanga Herman, Team Manager, Rwanda diaspora football association, said, the purpose of the football is not aimed at who is best in football but to improve on the socialization of African diaspora abroad.

“Rwanda’s diaspora’s move to re-connect through games seemed successful and found it a good act and deemed necessary to share with other African communities abroad; including Senegal, Togo, DRC and we want next time to invite non-Africans the USA, Mexico, Brumus and others,” Niyitanga said.

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