Rwandans living in Australia has denied the ABC’s article and news broadcasted by Amy Greenbank entitled “spies on our suburbs” referring to a section of the Rwandan community in Australia as spies working for the Rwandan government to silence the dissidents.

In a three-page letter written to the ABC’s news and signed by Emmanuel Karekezi, the Rwandan Diaspora in Australia Chairman, uttered the concern of the article published by the ABC news.

“The Rwandan community in Australia requests the ABC’s news and its journalists to disown the allegations raised by Mr. Kalisa Mubarak on the basis of his background including his own involvement in criminal activities indulging a reputable National broadcaster like the ABC news in a politicized and negative element that undermines the credibility of Australian independent media,” reads part of the letter.

“In light of these baseless and unfounded allegations, the members of the Rwandan community in Australia would like to bring to the attention of the author of the documentary as well as ABC’s news fraternity that the article is marred with several inaccuracies, contradictions, flawed statements, pre-conceived biases and outright bad faith conclusions,” the letter further writes.

“The members of the Rwandan community in Australia would therefore like to expose and put the facts right so that the readers of the article would not get confused by a one-sided that preferred to ignore some core realities that are shaping the current rhetoric demeaning the Rwandan community in Australia,”

The letter cites Kalisa Mubarak to whom the ABC’s news interviewed in the story as an endangered Rwandan dissident who was initially under witness protection in South Africa being targeted by the Rwandan spies.

Amiel Nubaha, Mubarak’s counterpart with Condo Gervais,the President of Rwanda Association of Queensland during the fundrising activity to FLN and P5+RNC

In addition, the letter calls Kalisa Mubarak as a well-known criminal and a conman right from his early days in South Africa where he was an active member of the Rwanda National Congress an opposition group based in South Africa.

In the ABC’S News story and Daily Telegraph Kalisa Mubarak is heard as a victim who sought asylum in South Africa for the safety of his life where the Rwandan embassy in Johannesburg tried to recruit him as a spy asking him to join a broader network in Europe tasked with tracking down opponents of the Rwandan regime and later turned down their request.

Mubarak, holding a tripod and camera behind Rusesabagina during a denial commemoration of Genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi in Australia

“After Mubarak discovered that there is a government plot to assassinate his friend, he rejected the offer, turned state’s witness and testified against Rwanda’s authorities. His evidence led to the conviction of four men,” the ABC’s story reads.

“A stint in witness protection would come next before he ultimately moved to Brisbane with his wife and children in 2012”

Mubarak in the story claims how some spies are sent in Australia and refugee service groups where they can access personal stories.

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