Rwandans who live in Australia have launched a live virtual platform ‘AMATEKA SERIES’ that aims at enabling Rwandan Youth in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and others across the globe to learn Rwanda’s culture, history and more.

This livestream gathered various participants including the Rwanda Ministry of foreign affairs, the community of Rwandans living in Australia and their friends and Singer Yvan Buravan who lighted up the participants.

Themed ‘Our culture, the Source of Our Self-reliance’, the live stream of launching AMATEKA SERIES embarked on various values that characterize Rwandan culture.

The conversation was lead by Anysie Ishimwe who has been the moderator.
Umubyeyi Cloturde, member of Rwandan Elderly Advisory Forum who has also worked for the National Museums of Rwanda and other institutions that preserve Rwanda’s culture and history showed her knowledge of the history and culture of Rwanda to youth during the launch of Amateka Series.
She said that most of the things that gathered Rwandans together include traditional concerts ‘IBITARAMO’ where parents used to meet children.

She advised youth and the young generation in general to preserve the culture while embracing the development that seemed to change the culture.
“We must build our country on the culture, children in the past used to learn from the history and know their family relationships, when learning about the national history, they could learn about patriotism, heroism and strive to become good as the persons who behave positively in the past.” Umubyeyi said.

Umubyeyi Cloturde, member of Rwandan Elderly Advisory Forum

“We need to go with the development but always maintaining Rwandan values, parents and children should know the role of Rwandan culture and improve it but without rejecting it.”Before colonialism, we used to respect Rwandan culture from our ancestor’s education. This taught us how we can build the country basing on its common benefits by helping each other, sharing and networking together. Rwandans lived a long time with such values and always respecting the culture.” She added.

Yvan Dushime Burabyo, Rwandan Singer Also Known As ‘Yvan Buravan’ participated at this virtual ceremony and appreciated the initiative as great and important. “This initiative is very great to know about the Rwandan culture and history.” He said.

Giramata Amata, one of young women among the participants said that they were impressed enough to learn about the history of different Rwandan women who preserved the history and culture of the country.
“We were able to learn about Inyumba Aloysie, Daphrose Intaramirwa as some of Rwandan women who preserved the culture; we were able to understand the history of different women as young Rwandan women. I like to hear the story of Ndabaga, it is important to learn from good people in the history and we have to recognize the role of women in the history. It is an excellent idea and knowledge that is produced in our Rwandan community through songs, arts and painting.” Giramata said.

Moses Turahirwa, young Rwandan interested in traditional fashion and clothing styles said that fashion and design mean a lot in creative industry in terms of preserving the culture.
“We need to preserve the history in order to teach the new generation in the future, we have so many useful contents to teach other people about the culture and we need to celebrate the pride of Rwanda by using the culture and history.” Turahirwa noted.

Moses Turahirwa

The Commissioner of Rwanda to Singapore, who is also designated to Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia, Ambassador Jean de Dieu Uwihanganye thanked the organizers of the live stream conversation for the good initiative aiming to preserve the culture and history.
“It is important to remember the history of our country and Rwandan values which will make you proud, your country loves you, we love you and appreciate the projects you do, we will continue to support this activity of preserving the history.” He noted.

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