Rwandan Diaspora in Australia (RDA) has vowed to protest a denial event targeting Genocide Against Tutsi in 1994 which is scheduled to take place in Queensland Parliament House, Australia. The event will be featuring Amiel Nubaha and his group of Rwandan Association of Queensland who are well known as ‘denials and revolutionists of Rwanda Genocide Against Tutsi’.

The Genocide denial event, which is termed ‘Annual Rwanda Genocide Commemoration’, will take place on 6th April, a day before International Day for Commemorating Rwanda Genocide Against Tutsi in 1994 arrives.

Rwandan community in Australia has transmitted its concerns through a letter that Mr. Karekezi Emmanuel, who is chairing Rwanda Diaspora in Australia, wrote to Hon. Annastacia Palaszczuk, the Queensland Premier and Hon. Curtis Pitt, the Speaker of Parliament and the rest members of parliament.

The letter clarifies that Commemoration of Genocide Against Tutsi in 1994 is a recognizable event worldwide referring that on 26th January of 2018, “the General Assembly of the United Nations reached consensus on the resolution that 7th of April be marked as ‘International Day of Reflection’ against the Tutsi in Rwanda (recalling also that Hutu and others who opposed it were killed)”. The date of 7th April marks the beginning of Genocide Against Tutsi in 1994.

The letter warns that “The Rwandan Diaspora in Australia expressed its strong objection to the use of the Queensland Parliament Hall in what could be viewed as support for the well documented existence of the Genocide denials and propagandists of the double genocide campaign for denying of Genocide Against the Tutsi.”
RDA concluded by requesting the parliament to act in accordance with international consensus and stop such event. “We argue the Honorable Members of Parliament respectfully and equally in the strongest possible terms to please reconsider your decision to allow this event to take place on the parliamentary grounds. We argue that you act in accordance with international consensus.”

Rwanda’s commemoration week will start on 7th April and mark 25th Commemoration of the Genocide against the Tutsi which carried lives of more than one million people. It is commonly known that in days before the week, many Genocide denials around the world increase their efforts to spread their wrong information in order to disrupt the week and cause damages to the whole nation, particularly Genocide survivors. On the other side, Rwandan government argues its citizens to avoid these people and consolidate each other while the country is mourning the loss of more than one million lives killed in Genocide Against Tutsi in 1994.

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