This month there was a talk in non-government organization, Rwandan woman’s Network on the culture of preparing a bride to be which used to be taken as a family issues but now called bridal shower which they consider business.

Marie Immaculee Ingabire a leader of Transparency International Rwanda said that apart from money they ask to contribute, there are women who call themselves the experts and they are paid to come and deceive the bride.

Immaculee told the about the bride shower she went on once, she explained that it was very bad.

“Those women are frightening bride as if she is going in prison, instead of telling her to go and work together with her husband they are telling her to keep his socks and hot water, they are telling her to know the stomach of her husband, is she a kid he is going to rear?” asked Marie Immaculee

For her, bride shower is a Tanzanian culture of which Rwandans brought and she wish it to come again as it was in culture.

BALIKUNGERI Marie Rwanda women’s Network leader said that it is unworthy to prepare a bride alone not with a bride groom.

“Bride shower is not a Rwandan culture, it came from Tanzania, I appreciate for it brings people together even though it contributes nothing on Rwandan society, there is no use to teach a bride without a bride groom”

Balikungeri insisted that they are going to negotiate with Minister of gender and development (MIGEPROF) and specify what kind of message to be shared in bride shower.

In this conversation they were together with different young girls who witnessed that Bride shower brings conflict and uncomfortability among them while it gives no contribution to the society.

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