Rwanda is going to host the 4th meeting of the United Nations Standing Advisory Committee on security questions in central Africa-UNSAC which will be held in Kigali from 4th to 08th December 2017.

The meeting will be attended by Foreign Affairs ministers and experts from various country members of UNSAC.
Within this session, there will be also a two days Youth Workshop which is going to be carried out at the first once since UNSAC is formed.

The of this workshop will be about ‘’ Workshop on Youth Involvement in Conflict Prevention, the Fight against Radicalization and Participation in Early Warning System in Central Africa.”

In the 1980s, faced with an increasing number of armed conflicts in their region and lacking viable regional mechanisms to effectively respond to these conflicts, the members of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) sought the assistance of the United Nations, and submitted a proposal, on 28 November 1986, which called for the establishment of an advisory committee on security questions in Central Africa.

Subsequently, on 28 May 1992, the Secretary-General established the United Nations Standing Advisory Committee on Security Questions in Central Africa, and designated the then Centre for Disarmament Affairs in the Department for Political Affairs to serve as the Secretariat of the Committee.

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