Rwanda and the world are joining hands in the fight against climate crisis as the world leaders and members are discussing on the realization of the benefits of pairing energy efficiency with implementing the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol.

Minister of Environment, Vincent Biruta, who led a delegation from Rwanda at the UNGA, for a high level event on resilience and Adaptation for a resilient future. His presentations featured number of new pledges to support adaptation of Rwanda’s campaign dubbed Green Rwanda.

Speaking at the 74th, session of the UN General Assembly, Minister Biruta, encouraged countries to join the CCAC Efficient Cooling Initiative. “If we act quickly to reduce HFCs, we can avoid up to 0.5 Celsius warming by 2100. We can double the climate benefit if we enhance energy efficiency in the cooling sector,” Biruta said.

“By the end of the century, we can double the climate benefits, if we enhance energy efficiency in the cooling sector. That’s a win-win solution for the climate and development. Rwanda is pleased to support the newly created climate and clean Air Coalition efficient cooling initiative,” he added.

Biruta said, the initiative aims to rebuild the political will to deliver action at scale to address climate change and to promote developmet by enhancing energy efficiency in the cooling sector and transition away from hydrofluorocarbons

“I encourage other countries to join the efficient cooling initiatives we work together to address climate crisis and limit the warming of our planet,” he said.

Across the world, there are strikes and explosion of youth taking streets to demand the adult to protect their future planet. On top, there is Greta Thunberg who inspired other school student to strike spreading the fire to East Asia, Africa Europe and America.

“Leaders should listen to what the climate scientists are saying. No leader should forfeit the future of younger generation,” said Oladosu Adenike, an activist in the Friday4Future Campaign in Nigeria.

According to the Guardian Newspaper, Donald Trump is expected today at the UN headquarters during Monday’s Key Summit on the climate crisis.

“We are out here to reclaim our right to live, our right to breathe and our right to exist, which is all being denied to us by an inefficient policy system that gives more deference to industrial and financial objectives rather than environmental stardands,” said Avinash Chanchal, a young protestor in Delhi.

The Express News


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