The Northern Region Police Commander, Chief Supt. Eugene Kabasha has urged residents

there to endeavor to resolve family misunderstandings amicably or seek local leadership interventions instead of reporting to violence or otherwise taking the law into their hands.

He noted that unlawful resolution of conflicts is counterproductive warning of legal repercussion against anyone, who administers own justice.
 The RPC was speaking recently in Cyanika Sector of Burera District, where he addressed hundreds of residents from the area during a communitypolicing meeting to address security issues.
 He warned that police cannot be tolerant to any form of domestic violence and that there won’t be any lenience to any illegal acts suchas drug trafficking and abuse.
He added that the police have recorded some conflicts emanating from infidelity, excessive drinking and drug abuse as some of the leading causes of assault and domestic conflicts in the area.
 He asked community leaders and the residents in general topartner with security organs to address such challenges or report those involved to pave way for investigations.

“The best way you can contribute to building a safer community is through working closely as residents, leaders, Police and all security organs, through real time information sharing on anything suspicious,” said Chief Supt. Kabasha.

“Responsible residents need to come together and deviseinitiatives to overcome lawlessness. When we continue to work together, wrongdoers will understand that there is no room for their illegal operations in our communities,” he said.

The Express News


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