There is a need to promote the culture of innovation and creativity in education in schools by engaging students, teachers, headteachers, sector education officer’s efforts and other stakeholders in advancing education policies and programmes at the grassroots level

This was observed yesterday by educationist, academicians and Government officials during the ceremony of awarding the best innovations and best practices at the Ministry of education premises.

The Ministry of education in collaboration with affiliated agencies and education sector Development partners have decided to award the best innovations and best practices have to be identified during the quality of education enhancement awareness campaign that takes place every 3 months in a program that started in February 2018.

The event was themed “promotion of innovation and best practices to enhance quality education.

It was the first time that the Ministry of education identified the best innovations and practices in basic and TVET schools through the Government’s commitment to promoting innovations in schools.

Dr. Isaac Munyakazi, the Minister of State in charge of Primary and Secondary education said the Government of Rwanda through the ministry of education will continue to put in place mechanisms to encourage students, teachers, Headteachers, sector education inspectors and all education stakeholders to play a key role in promoting quality of teaching and learning in basic and tertiary education.

During this awarding ceremony, the ministry of education awarded students who have come up with innovations together with their trainers, best practices featured in some schools that contribute to the implementation of competency-based curriculum and outstanding performing teachers, headteachers and sector education inspectors.

Dr Isaac Munyakazi, Minister of State in charge of Primary and Secondary education, said Rwanda aspires to build a knowledge-based economy, with emphasis on science and technology as an engine of socio-economic development. It is, therefore, our aim to equip the population with knowledge, skills and attitudes.

“As you are aware, there is highly competitiveness in the global market characterized by constant changes in every sector of the national economy, there is a need, therefore, to promote creativity and innovations as the most important skills for the future,” Munyakazi noted.

Those who were awarded including 25 best performers in rural and the two young pupils from Buyaga Primary School and Tuyisenge Claudine from Amix Gakenke for supporting the disabled young people with the skills.

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