Olivier Nduhungirehe, the State Minister in the Ministry of the foreign affairs, in the conversation he had with The Express News Rwanda, said, Rwanda day is fruitful since there are many Rwandans who have picked interests in the event for the last 18 years.

The event is 19th edition since 2011, suitable platform for the government and Rwandans in Diaspora to interact.
From August, 24th to 25th, Kagame will be meeting more than Rwandans in Diaspora and friends of Rwanda, living in Bonn, Germany and around Europe to celebrate the country’s progress.
“So many Rwandans are now coming to Rwanda and the number have increased tremendously because of the admiration they pick from the event,” the Minister said.
“Some of them have expressed their problems to the President of Republic of Rwanda and they got answered and others wrote letters and finally solutions,” Nduhungirehe said.
High on the agenda will be discussions on how the Diaspora takes part in the country’s rapid social-economic transformation.
Eng. Daniel Murenzi, Rwanda Diaspora Global Network, Chief, praised Rwanda Day a good platform to attract investment in the country by both foreigner’s and Rwandans.
He also believes that foreign exchange has increased tangibly as well as investment.
Thousands of Rwandans who attended previous events, especially those living in North America, got to know about investment opportunities in their country and many have since made substantial investments back home.
With an audio-visual exhibition showcasing Rwanda’s journey, participants are taken through an in depth understanding of the steps that continue to shape the country.
With 7.5% growth, and an economy that has expanded more than ten-fold in just 10 years, there will be a lot to celebrate.

The Express News


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