Rwandan community in Canada has argued their host government to keep close attention on Rwandan dissident Ms Charlotte Mukankusi who is collaborating with RNC in violation of Canadian and international laws.

The community expressed their concerns through a letter dedicated to Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Honorable Ralph Goodale and Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Honorable Ahmed D. Hussein.
The letter warned that there is ‘a potentially explosive situation’ which is building in East Africa basically resulting from deteriorating relationship between Uganda and Rwanda. The relationship between two neighboring countries have stalled movements of goods and people while Rwanda has initially briefed her citizens to avoid going to Uganda unnecessary.
The government of Rwanda has highlighted its concerns with Uganda including that the norther government supports Rwandan National Congress, RNC, in its pursuit to destabilize Rwanda. RNC is a terrorist group which is openly operating with the purpose of overthrowing the democratically Republic of Rwanda. The group has even carried out some terrorist attacks in Kigali which have resulted in deaths of innocent citizens.

Among the main actors in RNC, is a Rwandan origin woman Ms Charlotte Mukankusi. The Canadian-based dissident is among top diplomats in RNC and has recently been in Uganda to discuss with President Museveni on the progress and future plans of the terrorist group. She was later guaranteed a Ugandan passport to facilitate her efforts in destabilizing Rwanda.
RNC needs a diplomat because it is “actively seeking facilitators in Africa and West [Europe and America]. It has [already] the support of Uganda and Burundi”, reads the letter.
United Nation Group of experts has confirmed that RNC in collaboration with FDRL, “has recruited children-soldiers among its ranks, drown from Rwanda and neighboring countries of Burundi, Congo-DR and Uganda”. The group is headed by dissident KayumbaNyambasa, a former Rwandan General who is now based in South Africa.

The letter unveils the worries for the activities of Mukankusi as the Rwandan community “is gravely concerned that a member of our community could be engaged in subversive activities which would be a betrayal of the Canadian values of peace and democracy”.
Moreover, the community warned that if nothing is done,Mukankusi’s involvement with RNC can spread to Canada as she can be a good link between RNC and ‘potentially young generation from Canada’.
It reads, “[Mukankusi’ activities] are a potential source of tensions among the Rwandan Community in Canada and a threat to the people of Rwanda.” It adds that “We are deeply concerned that subversive activities on the part of RNC may sway some of our young people in Canada to join terrorist groups abroad or nurture fringe groups in our midst”
The letter, signed by Joachim Mutezintare-president of Rwandan Community in Canada, concluded by asking Canadian government to carry out investigation on Mukankusi’s activities to disrupt her plans which can destabilize Rwanda and East African region.
“We argue you to pay urgent attention to this issue and authorize investigations to ensure that Ms Charlotte Mukankusi does not contravene Canadian laws, obligations and responsibilities”. It argued.
Despite these threats and concerns, president Kagame seems to be calm and asked the same to his fellow countrymen and women. Disclosing the 16THUmwiherero event, the president assured that the country is entirely safe and that people can continue their daily life very comfortably.
“You can hear all these stories. When you go home, relax. When you reach bed, sleep. When you wake up in the morning ready to work, know that your country is fine, that it is safe”. He said.

The Express News


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