Classrooms which was built by Rwandans living in Geramany in Ruhehe,Musanze District is believed to reduce overcrowding in classrooms was recently inaugurated.

Except these four classrooms , Rwanda Community Abroad in Geramany also built staff room which will help teachers to be confortable in their preparations.

Kavumu Diogene,DOS of Ruhehe school said: We thank Rwanda Community Abroad in Geramany for this great aid. We have been experiencing overcrowding of 60 students in one room but now we are going to remain with not more than 45.”

Ninety Million Rwandan Francs is estimated to be the sum of money used to build those rooms in Ruhehe school.
Rwanda Community Abroad in Geramany also builds a house for Abafatanyije COPTC. Members of this cooperative say that there were unable to expand their building, thus RCA build it for them by using 80 Million RWf.

In his remarks Kalimba Claude, Chairman of RCA Germany, says that their community will keep on helping Rwandans in order to improve their standards of living. He also pledges more support in order to help Students/Pupils to study with out any barrier.

The Express News


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