The retired RDF soldier, has published a book containing what it takes for Inkotanyi to liberate a country of thousand hills that were overwhelmed by dreadful situation based on nepotism and discrimination.

Rtd Capt Ndahiro Logan who first joined force when he was 39 years old explained that he wanted to inform the youth and others the history of liberation war.


He emphasized that many people wrote much about Genocide against Tutsi and left behind the weapon of bring it to an end, that is the liberation war.

The book is written in Kinyarwanda was entitled “Inzira y’Izitane ku Kwibohora kw’Abanyarwanda”, with 113 pages.

The Author uses his eye witness hoping that this will build the youth into heroism culture.

At his first experience in 1990, he saw his fellow soldiers wounded but he was requested to continue with much reinforcement of victory.

“I remember, the wounded ones telling us neither retreat nor surrender. I decided to go on since I was fade up being a refugee for many years.

The Author said that he felt sad when he heard the former Commander in Chief late Maj.Gen Fred Rwigema together with other senior officers died.

But he were again come into good mood when he realized that the New supreme commander Maj. Gen. Paul Kagame managed to calm the situation until they triumphantly completed the war.

The Express News


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