In an effort to improve awareness campaigns against non-communicable diseases (NCDs) (especially diabetes, cancer and heart disease) and encourage people to get tested early across the country, RBC has launched a 30-day partnership with MTN Rwanda called Y’ello Doctor.

The program will feature awareness campaigns on non-communicable diseases through a message that will be given to all Rwandans who are encouraged to avoid the risk of contracting these diseases including smoking, heavy drinking, lack of exercise, excessive salt, obesity, obesity, and obesity and more.

There will be text messaging via mobile phones but there will also be a messaging system that encourages people to avoid NCDs using the media.
In his message on the occasion of the launch of the campaign, RBC Director General Dr. Sabin Nsanzimana said that the partnership with MTN is not the first time it takes place as they have worked together in another campaign to encourage people to put on the face masks in order to prevent COVID-19.

He said that infectious NCDs are a global problem because they account for 70% of all deaths in the world and yet they are very easy to prevent.
In Rwanda, NCDs account for 44% of all deaths. Dr. Sabin Nsanzimana explained that this is now a way to spread the message of social protection against such diseases.

“People need to avoid sitting for long period of time because sitting for more than 4 hours brings the risk of contracting these diseases, choosing what to eat or drink with a focus on vegetables and fruits and participating in a self-examination at least once a year are the best ways of preventing NCDs.” He said.

MTN-Rwanda CEO Mitwa Kaemba Ng’ambi said: “The message will also focus on urging Rwandans to get an early diagnosis of NCDs every year at nearby clinics because services are covered by health insurance. This is because when people are diagnosed early they are treated and healed.” He said.
The activities to be carried out during the month of campaigning are listed as follows:
• Texting everyone as a reminder of the increased risk of contracting NCDs and to encourage them to get tested early.
• Provide various radio and television sets along with the awareness campaigns.
• In-depth awareness campaigns on social media.
MTN-Rwanda will also provide funding for clinics to diagnose infectious diseases.

Photos credit RBC

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