It was unusual moments showing the difference of Rwanda as a country from other nations in the continent, Kagame, the King of election campaigns who won the hearts of Rwandans confirmed the particularity as he used to say ‘ubudasa’ among many important words he said during election campaigns.

RPF-Inkotanyi presidential candidate Paul Kagame when arrived for a rally in Musanze District where he addressed more than 100,000 supporters( photo Courtesy)

All he highlighted in his speeches in thirty districts of Rwanda, he assured to continue leading the country towards achieving successful development that leaves no one behind, strengthening security and widening opportunities for youth to work in the next mandate.
Let’s back to the last day of campaigns, August 2, 2017, where he once again confirmed the particularity of Rwanda.
“Our country, Rwanda, is the country that marks the difference when you go back and see where we came from, where we are today and where we go, we passed through many things, we learnt a lot, and we do not learn for nothing, turning the eyes behind and see where we came from and where we are today, we know to choose how to survive.” Kagame told Gasabo residents.
On July 26, 2017, Kagame emphasized that there is no fearful war for him as he has good citizens of Rwanda.
“Soldiers like you with hearts like yours can lose which war? Having you all, I cannot lose any war, we cannot lose the war to build and protect the country,”
Kagame who is trusted by the majority of Rwandans as a good leader also told them that he loves them.
“Me also I love you.” Kagame told Nyabihu district’s voters when he was campaigning there. This word shows much enthusiasm to the citizens and is less spoken by any other leader. Neither the leader of a nation, nor one of a single sector can say this to the citizens.
On August 1, 2017, Kagame assured Rwandans in Gicumbi district that he will never break the trust they owed him, instead he said he will continue partner with them to benefit a lot.
“We will never break the trust of your request and the choice you will make, we will continue the good way to achieve more.” Kagame noted.
He highlighted the word ‘partnership’ that means the good politics of RPF Inkotanyi to lead the country, respecting efforts of other Rwandans most especially the eight political parties that support RPF.
He said that he will end poverty and stunting among children in the country. “We do not deserve poverty; we want to end it as I said that we will end stunting among children.”
In all his speeches, Kagame highlighted that partnership is the real democracy that leaves no one behind. That’s the reason why Rwandans still hold a big trust for him to continue leading the country.

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