A Police operation conducted Saturday night in the City of Kigali against errant motorists impounded 128 commercial motorcycles for violation of varied traffic rules and regulations.

Rwanda National Police (RNP) spokesperson, Commissioner of Police (CP) John Bosco Kabera, while addressing the media on Sunday on the outcome of the operations, said that some motorcycles were found without insurance and driver’s license.

Others violated traffic control signposts and wrong parking or refusal to comply.

CP Kabera warned errant drivers and motorcyclists against breach of road rules and regulations, whose outcomes are fatal.

“There will be severe consequences to whoever will be caught breaching traffic rules and putting lives of people at risk,” he warned.

“Before you drive or ride, make sure you possess all the required documents to hit the road, follow every bit of the road safety standards,” he emphasized.

He added that violation of road rules and regulations could be fatal, a reason as to why such operations against errant motorists are part of Gerayo Amahoro (arrive safely) campaign to guarantee the safety of every road user.

“We are in a year-long road safety campaign, and such operations will help us make our roads safer for everyone,” he said.

“People have to remember that their lives matter, do not allow drivers and motorcyclists to put your lives in danger, report any reckless driver or rider.”

He added: “Pedestrians also have to obey traffic rules especially when crossing the road; motorists should also remember that there are other people using the same road. Whatever you do should guarantee your safety and that of your passengers, pedestrians, other motorists and infrastructure.”

Traffic accidents, he said, are avoidable if people change their behaviours on road.

The 52-week Gerayo Amahoro national campaign launched in May, is designed to educate all groups of road users countrywide towards behavioral change.

The Express News


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