Due to the achievements and the development they have made, there are some Rwandans who wish the names of their places were changed.

For instances, settlers of Bannyahe in Nyarutarama, City of Kigali, Rwabayanga, Kabatwa in Nyabihu and somewhere else in the country, according to the origin  or meaning of this names, they wish these were as soon as possible changed.

Kabatwa sector settlers expressing their problem to KT Radio,they says that this name undermines them. They would rather prefer to be called Kabakire to express their wealth.

“This name undermines us; we feel shameful whenever we hear of it. Even Rwandan autochthones no longer called Abatwa. We want changes.”

Talking to this issue Nyabihu, Vice mayor in charge of economy and development Mugwiza Antoine , says that as people keep on complaining , they will make reports to where this may be solved , and he pledges hope to be done  according to the people’s wish.

Currently Ministry of local government says that they are ready to work on this, since it is a common issue to people from different places.

The Express News Rwanda


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