Members of the Pan African Parliament have urged African states to ratify texts to speed up the political and socio-economic integration of the continent.

Discussions towards a successful integration were recently held during a meeting of Pan-African MPs in Yaounde. Participants called on African countries to drop selfish interests in favor of a pan African spirit.

“Pan Africanism is evolving at a very slow pace. This is sad. Some African countries want this unity to become a reality. Others are against it especially those who believe they are richer than the rest, “
member of Pan African parliament, Mamedi Sidibe said.

The need for the collective effort has become even more urgent during this period when Africa needs to come together in order to tackle high-risk terrorism, global economic crisis, climate change and migration.

“We have a problem with implementation. Decisions taken in Africa are not easily implemented. The ideas and decisions are good but we usually choose not to implement. So Africa’s problem is mainly the inability to implement decisions,” the Director of Economic Affairs at the African Union said.

The Pan African Parliament was established as an organ of the African Union in order to ensure the full participation of Africans in the development and economic integration of the continent. The new protocol granting these powers has been adopted by the AU and is currently under ratification by member states.

The Express News 


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