Youth are encouraged to use existing opportunities across the African Region instead of immigrating to European countries as their countries have everything to support them.

This message was given by Henriette Umulisa, the vice-chairman of the Pan African Movement (PAM) during its activity ‘Pre Handshake’ of youth-members during as they welcome new members.
The ceremony was also to interact and listen to pieces of advice from experts.
Umulisa said that youth must play a vital role in striving for knowledge, value and development in their daily lives.

Youths take attention for UMulisa’s message

“The whole message we give you is in line with PAM’s goal of Africa Unity, we must note that, as Africans, we cannot reach where we want while scattered, we must reject colonial stereotypes that Africans cannot achieve anything. We can do everything and we are happy that our youths are listening to this significant message that Africa is powerful,” Umulisa noted.
The UN report released in June 2018 presented about 785 immigrants died from Mediteranée ocean while trying to cross to Europe to seek for survival and among them a big number were youths.
Umulisa advised youth to stay in their countries in Africa as there are many opportunities they need to use for fruitful results.
“You do not need to understand that everything comes from Europe, our youths are forced to go to Europe not that they want to go there. In return, they are lost in oceans, they are jailed and others are made slaves,” she said.

Rtd Lt Col Ndore Rurinda speaking in Handshake event

Rtd Lt Col Ndore Rurinda told the youths that they have assignment to use available opportunities for their future development.
Ambassador Polisi Denis, an expert and member in national advisory council told youth that the RPF learnt from problems such as insecurity to seek for solutions.
He was speaking on October 25, 2019 during Pan African Pre Handshake evening talk organized by Youth Commission of the Pan African Movement, Rwanda Chapter

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