The Prime Minister, Dr. Eduard Ngirente has said that the 2017/2018 performance contracts (Imihigo) will give much emphasis on economic, social and governance sectors.
Ngirente was speaking Friday, during the presentation of the report on 2016/2017 performance contracts and the signing of new contracts for 2017/2018.

The Premier said that in concluded year, in Joint Imihigo for Central and Local Governance, evaluation shows that service delivery sector tops with 82.2%. He said that job creation follows with 78% with agriculture taking the third place with 77.8%.

He said that 222,865 jobs were created, surpassing the targeted 205,161 that were planned; a total of 83,467km of tarmac roads were constructed and rehabilitated, slightly below the targeted 84,767 planned kilometers.

He said that in one cow per poor family programme, a total of 34,054 cows were distributed to families, above the 33,171 that were targeted and that generally, districts’ performance is 78.2% from 75% of 2015/2016, social cluster is 79%, economic 76% and good governance 71%.
Way forward

“During 2017/2018 Imihigo, the emphasis will be on economic, social and governance sectors. In economic landscape, job creation, empowering youth in entrepreneurship as well as increasing production of agriculture are pririties,” Ngirente said.

He said that improving urbanization, quality of education, health, fight against malnutrition and hygiene will dominate the social cluster.

The best performing districts during 2016/2017 Imihigo, Rwamagana comes first with 82.2%, Musanze second with 81,28% and Huye third with 80.55% respectively.

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