A total of 1342 officers, on Monday, formerly joined Rwanda National Police (RNP) after completing a ten-month ‘Basic Training Course’ at the Police Training School (PTS) Gishari in Rwamagana District.

At least 15 percent of 15th intake are female

The Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Johnston Busingye officiated the pass-out ceremony and gave the new officers the rank of ‘Police Constable.’

The pass out ceremony was also attended by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dan Munyuza, Governor of the Eastern Province, Fred Mufurukye; Commissioner General of Rwanda Correctional Services, George Rwigamba; Prosecutor General, Richard Muhumuza; Secretary General of Rwanda Investigation Bureau, Col. Jeannot Ruhunga; and Deputy IGPs; Juvenal Marizamunda of Administration and Personnel and Felix Namuhoranye of Operations, among others.

“We are here today not only to support our Police but also to acknowledge and cement the existing relations and partnership. The parade, smartness, equipment, the men and women matching before us comes from us to ensure peace, security and freedom, which lays a firm foundation for development and our country’s transformation,” Minister Busingye said.

He added: “There’s time when security was at its lowest; crimes against humanity, discrimination and ethnicity were the definition of work and governance in our country. The unity, security, peace, and development we have today were achieved at a cost of sacrifice, putting lives on the line and patriotism.”

“Today, security is guaranteed, crimes are at the lowest like never before; this is how it should be and the way of life.”

He observed that RNP’s participation in peacekeeping continues to define the country’s image on the international scene.

With about 1200 Police officers in various peacekeepers missions across the globe, Rwanda ranks the second Police contributing country and first female contributor.

“To Police officers graduating today, a lot is expected from you to supplement this journey of defining the safety and dignity of our country through teamwork and partnership with other Police officera and Rwandans to fight and prevent crimes,” Minister Busingye said.

He thanked them for joining RNP to serve their country and for the resilience, sacrifice and commitment throughout the course, but challenged them not to engage in any malpractice that tarnish the image of RNP.

He pledged the country’s commitment in skills development of officers through training both locally and in other countries, and acquiring hi-tech equipment to ensure quality policing services

The Minister further acknowledged the force’s role in the country’s development through its human security programmes as well as empowering Rwandans through community policing to be custodians of the law.

Through the RNP human security programme, the force constructs roads linking communities, shelter for vulnerable families, provides medical insurance to the disadvantaged, plants trees as part of the country’s environmental protection programme, and has so far donated solar power system to about 4000 households located far from the national grid.

Commissioner of Police (CP) Vianney Nshimiyimana, the commandant of PTS, said that the ‘Police Basic Training Course’ equips participants with use of arms, homeland security operations, peacekeeping, use of technology in crime investigation, law, community policing, disaster response, drills, physical fitness and other policing related duties.

The commandant also thanked the trainees for their discipline, respect, teamwork and resilience throughout the course.

He also thanked the government for support in quality training programmes.

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