A total of 300 households Nyaruguru district set to raise funds to build their own hydro power plant on the Mudasomwa River which has a capacity of 34kw.

The hydro plant is expected to supply power to 260 homes of Remera, Ruheru sector as 23 welding businesses and 2 schools in the area will also benefit

Each household will contribute Rwf 50,000 to meet estimated cost of the construction that stand at Rwf 107 million as other funds are expected to come from grants.

Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency – SIDA through Energy4Impact in partnership with HOBUKA will also support the project with Rwf 105 million that is expected to complete by November 2018.

Victor Hakuzumuremyi,program manager of Energy for Impact, said that the Hydo plant will help the residents accelerate their welfare as well as the smoothen business activities in the area. “Once the plant is complete people will start opening different projects therefore helping to generate resident’s daily income,” she says.

Abel Nijyimbere, a resident, says, is optimistic that the hydro plant will bring many changes in the area once the plant is in use.

He said that having electricity is the starting point of many development activities that help will Nyaruguru residents coming out of poverty.

“When a certain area has no electricity everything is crippled but after having power we hope activities search as welding will boom,” he says.

“I have never thought to earn Rwf 1,500 Per day, though I believe that after construction of this hydro plant it will be possible,” he adds.

Florida Ahishakiye, a resident expects that once they get their houses installed with electricity, children will be able to revise their books easily and boost their performance.

“The plant has created opportunities for jobless people. We are happy to have electricity. We shall be to watching televisions to follow what happens across the world.

Yves Mungwakuzwe chairman of district counsil , Nyaruguru District, , says, basic facilities like electricity were lacking in the area. He added that before only one home could access electricity. However, that even the public construction like schools, hospitals, churches could also hardly access electricity.

However, through government’s 2020 vision and EDPRS II that electricity will be accessed 100% countrywide in few years to come.

Thus urged the residents to settle in the planned villages so that they access electricity easily and reminded them conserve the Hydro power plant once established as well as other existing social amenities.

The Express News


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