Commercial motorcyclists from Rulindo, Burera and Gakenke districts of the Northern Province, held a meeting in Rulindo on October 26, through which they discussed, among others, their role in fighting and preventing crime.

The meeting was also attended by Police and local leaders from the three districts.

Particularly, motorcyclists discussed their discipline, with focus on the inappropriate behavior of some members on roads, which sometimes lead to fatal accidents and loss of lives, as well as aiding or involving in criminal activities like trafficking of drugs, smuggling and theft.

Motorcyclists are said to be either the major cause or involved in road traffic accidents.

While speaking during the meeting, Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) Jean Paul Kanyeshuri, the In-charge traffic in Rulindo, reminded them that safety should be put forward in their transport business.

“You will not achieve your dream when you are dead, and in that way, the country is also affected. Those you transport or other road users also want to live, so ride with care while respecting all road safety standards,” AIP Kanyeshuri told the motorcyclists.

He warned them against transporting more than passenger, an act he side is common at night or in feeder roads.

Jean Nepomsene Munyankindi, who heads the cooperative of commercial motorcyclists in Rulindo, also reminded members to endevour to promote the good image of motorcyclists by respecting laws and rules, and being agents of change.

He said that through their anti-crime clubs, they will continue to discuss internally and support safety and security efforts.

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