The recent 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) will bring new opportunities to China-Rwanda relations, Chinese Ambassador to Rwanda Rao Hongwei said here on Wednesday.

The ambassador made the remarks at a speech at the College of Business and Economics of University of Rwanda, where he shared his thoughts and observations about the CPC congress with around 400 students and teachers.

According to him, the new opportunities come from China’s inclusive development, China’s pursuit of major country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics and China’s Africa policy.

“China is the world’s second largest economy and contributes more than 30 percent to world economic growth. A stronger China will certainly make greater contribution to the world,” he said.

China welcomes Rwanda aboard the “express train” of China’s rapid growth, he added.

Rao said China strongly supports Rwanda’s poverty reduction and development efforts.

China will also promote more investment and productivity collaboration between the two countries, inject new energy into the national building of Rwanda, he added.

Rao said China stands for democracy in international relations and upholds international fairness and justice. By doing so, China will create an international environment beneficial to Rwanda and other African countries as well.

“China never imposes its own will onto other countries,” said Rao.

The ambassador said China respects the right of the Rwandan people to choose their own social system and development path.

New China News Agency reports that China and Rwanda are intimate brothers, good friends, and close partners, said Rao, adding that China is proud of the progress in bilateral ties, and that he feels heartened by the prospects of future China-Rwanda relations.

The envoy told the youth who attended the event that they are the future of Rwanda and China-Rwanda relations.

“I do wish you become the backbones of Rwanda and good-will ambassadors of China-Rwanda friendship,” he said.

The ambassador also answered questions from the audience after the speech.

Introducing and challenging students to learn Chinese remains the college’s priority, said Faustin Gasheja, acting principal of College of Business and Economics of University of Rwanda.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Charles Murigande, who served as Rwandan foreign minister in 2002-2008, was present at the event.

The Express News


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