The New Kigali City Mayor Pudence Rubingisa and his Vice Nadine G.Umutoni are very interesting persons that residents and visitors to this fast growing Rwandan capital city may quickly adjust to admire.

Office of Kigali city Mayor is steadily gaining strength, reputation, influence and power as Rwanda’s capital is gradually earning prominence at global level.

It is not yet known whether; the holder of this powerful office may be bestowed upon a title of LORD Mayor after the city hosts Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) next year.

In surprisingly similar navy blue sports attire, the two youthful leaders were so prompt for their first day in office. They participated in sweatiful fitness exercise of the famous Car Free Day.

The braided hair Vice Mayor Umutoni jumped and kicked around but the glowing red giant water can kept wound around her right hand.

Mayor Rubingisa with an athletic body kept his eyes behind the sun screened spectacles and a baseball cap in a detective form. He casts an enigmatic look even during this fitness session. His body language clearly indicates that he is an accommodative man.

But who are these Two?

Both are active on social media especially on Twitter. Unless there is a change of mind, the new Mayor still uses his twitter handle @PudenceR. He has only 1,072 tweets since joining this platform in January 2013.

Although the Mayor has reported to office with immediate effect, he has not changed his status on twitter. Unless there are changes but his twitter account refers to him as Managing Director Intare Investments Ltd.

He commands an audience of 2,581 and he is also following 518 members of this social media platform.

The mayor last jotted a few words on Twitter on July 4th .

Vice Mayor

Umutoni wears a warm smile and is evidently a calm person.

She is accessible on Twitter via @UmutoniNadine with 2,155 tweets since joining this platform in 2010 just seven year earlier than her boss. She commands a small audience of 984 followers; she also follows only 246 in the past nine years.

Unlike her boss, Umutoni didn’t wait even a single minute to update her status and profile. It is evident as “Vice Mayor of the @CityofKigali in charge of Socio-economic Affairs.”

This Vice Mayor last punched her own words on twitter on July 3. Her message was so emotional.

“Forever thankful 2 u Kayitakire Theogene, ur comrades &the #RPA command to rescue us. When we arrive at Rebero, they told us “If we live you will live, if we die you will die” and my Dad said “If we die at least it will not be by machetes” 25yrs later here we are (liberated).”

Kigali being a fast growing city, the two leaders will need to adjust their engagements on twitter to move with the current and dynamic trends.

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