Over 100 Rwandans living abroad have been in Rwanda to visit various achievements the country made after 25 years of liberation and they have launched an initiative dubbed ‘Rwanda Connect’ to help them capture right information of the country instead of relying on the opponents’ fake news.

Daniel Murenzi, chairperson of Rwanda Diaspora Global Network said that the event to visit Rwanda takes place every year to remind Rwandans living in diaspora their role in liberation and development of the country as well as assessing their current contribution.

Rwandans living abroad attend the handshake event

“This was to assess ourselves and see together if we contribute properly to our country’s development, it was just to evaluate and see if we offer services our country needs, so, I thank the government of Rwanda for the space and value they give to Rwandans living in Diaspora to contribute to the development of Rwanda, you have seen that Rwanda communities in diaspora have many achievements and different talents gained after 25 years of country’s liberation, this is the right time to focus on our achievements and think on further ways to support our mother country,” Murenzi said.

Rwanda connect was established to give the right information of Rwanda to other Rwandans in diaspora.
Murenzi said that this initiative will help to avoid confusion made by the opponents who live abroad and give negative information that harass the country.

Daniel Murenzi, chairperson of Rwanda Diaspora Global Network

Many Rwandans living abroad get a lot of negative information by opponents about Rwanda and this used to prevent them from getting the right information, so, we, as diaspora leaders in partnership with the ministry of foreign affairs and other government bodies, we established Rwanda Connect to exchange information via WhatsApp social media channels, and this helps Rwandans to know current information about the country, it also helps us get timely information to help us update and approach activities to our colleagues,” Murenzi added.

He advises Rwandan communities in diaspora to not listen to the opponents but to come visit their country and see good achievements in the country. “they also need to read good news about Rwanda instead of hearing from these enemies who want to put again the country in a critical condition, the development Rwanda has met is very significant and the worldwide can see it and give testimony,” Murenzi noted.

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