The Rwanda National Electoral Commission (NEC) calls all Rwandans interested to be senators to bring their applications with the requirements of being over 4o year-old and a university graduate.

The senate is a parliamentarian body that has responsibilities to Approve the appointment of State Officials referred to in Article 88 of the Constitution.
It also has duties of supervising the application of the fundamental principles referred to in Articles 10 and the previsions of article 56 & 57 of the Constitution.
Prof Kalisa Mbanda, the president of NEC says that a senator has important and difficult responsibilities to exercise, stating that it is the reason why this one should be mature with high level education degree.
“It is the reason why you should have not less than 40-year-old of maturity and a maximum education degree of University, plus integrity,” Mbanda says.
However, a candidate who finished Secondary schools can also be allowed to be a senator and he/she should have experience to work in government or private institutions with a high level position.
The applications are being submitted to the national electoral commission from July 22, to August 9th, 2019 then after the approved candidates who have all the requirements will be communicated by the supreme court.
The polls campaigns will follow the approval and communication of nominated candidates until September 14, 2019 and a day later will be the to prepare elections that will start on September 16th, 2019.
Voting will involve only districts’ council members, teachers of secondary schools and Universities as well as sectors’ executive secretaries of the sectors that will host elections,
Rwanda’s senates account for 26 in total, including 12 elected in provinces and Kigali city, 2 elected by high schools and universities, 4 are nominated by the forum of political parties, while other 8 senators are nominated by the President of the Republic to represent different categories.
The applicant should submit the application letter with his/her curriculum vitae (CV), birth certificate that is not over three months of validation, two passport photos and national ID copy.

He/she must also submit the copy of his/her voting card, criminal record certificate, the copy of University degree and a letter to confirm his/her truth.
The candidate who represents the school should also prove that he/she is at the level of assistant lecturer or assistant teacher in secondary school.
According to the national electoral commission, the 2019 senators’ election will cost around Rwf 200 million.
The commission (NEC) will also receive applications of existing senators as laws permit them but NEC will again ask the supreme court why laws still allow existing senators to submit their applications.
Kalisa will also ask the supreme court why the senate does not stop operating during the polls campaigns as it is done for members of the parliament.

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