Isange One Stop Centre is one of the effective services that African countries should embrace to fight to injustices women and children continue to face, the visiting Namibian lawmakers said yesterday.

The parliamentarians were visiting Isange One Stop Centre at Kacyiru hospital as part of their tour in Rwanda since last Saturday to learn good practices in the fight against gender based violence and child abuse, among others.

“As lawmakers, we decided to undertake a trip to Rwanda to share experiences and best practices on services that all of us as Africans should deliver for the good of our people,” Hilma Nicanor, one of the Namibian lawmakers, said.

“This Isange One Stop centre is one of the services our people require. We are impressed by what we have witnessed and learned from here. The multi-facet services that are rendered here and to communities in terms of responding to incidences of assault, rape, defilement that are especially faced by women, girls and children, is one those holistic services that we all need,” Nicanor said.

She added: “It’s inspiring, and it arouses hope that a victim can come here and acquire all services for free. As the name says – one stop centre – we are impressed that all services can be assessed under one roof, which is something that we have picked as very important…an experience that we have learnt that will also benefit our people back home.”

The Express News


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