Rwandans and their friends in France on Saturday attended the 25th anniversary of the liberation celebration in the capital city of France, Paris.

The liberation ceremony held on July 13th, 2019, was attended by representatives of their countries in France, international organizations, Rwandans and their friends, who are studying or working there.
The ceremony was also graced by Louise Mushikiwabo, Rwanda’s former Foreign Affairs Minister, currently serving as Secretary General for the International Organisation for La Francophonie- French-speaking countries (OIF) and her colleagues Amb. Désire Nyaruhirira and Oria Kije Vande Weghe.

On July 4th 2019, Rwanda was joined by other countries to the official celebration of the 25th Liberation anniversary, the same time in 1994 when RPA army forces led by Paul Kagame stopped the genocide against the Tutsi and liberated the country from bad leadership. The main event was held at the Amahoro National Stadium.
However, celebrations among various Rwandan embassies and Rwandan organisations continue, based on the dates they chose complying with their local work time schedules.

Rwanda’s Ambassador to France, Jacques Kabale, told the participants that they have gathered together to celebrate the history of the liberation of Rwanda, which ended the genocide of the Tutsis where more than a million Tutsi were killed.

He added that RPF Army refused that this would continue and decided to fight the killers and save the victims before they were killed.
“On July 4th RPA soldiers, led by Paul Kagame, fought the killers and stopped the killings. He and his colleagues demonstrated that truth and courage prevail in any case. They did this without any support from other countries that had turned against Rwanda at the time,” he said.
After stopping the genocide, they decided to build a country without discrimination, and repatriated Rwandans who had been exiled, today, he noted, children can access education and live positively.
Ambassador Kabale said that 25 years later, Rwandans continue to remember the RPF soldiers who lost their lives while some became handicapped.
“We thank the survivors and those who are not still alive that have played a role in building the Rwanda we see today. Those who managed to survive have also continued the struggle to build unity of the country, by striving for their country’s sovereignty and establishing good relations with other countries and achieving self-sufficiency in everything,” he added.
He said that Rwandans continue to demonstrate their admiration and confidence for President Kagame because they think he is a careful, visionary and able leader.
Amb. Kabale further reiterated on the efforts invested in what have been achieved, figures about Rwanda’s economic growth, and returned to its relations with other countries such as France which he said has good relations with Rwanda.
He also talked about some achievements such as how education sector has been developed and how ICT has become the source of services with 4G internet made available across the country at the rate of over 90%.
Meanwhile, the participants also met in a luncheon and they were entertained by traditional dancers from the Rwanda living in Lille.

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