After three years, the residents of Muhanga as well as those doing business will see the official launch of a modern taxi park.

The Muhanga District administration has assured them that the taxi park will start operating within the next two months.

The new taxi park was constructed in partnership with the private sector under the umbrella known as RTFC, and the District donated the plot where the taxi park is seated.

From July , the passengers boarding taxis to and from Muhanga, started using the park, which is apparently under its final touches.

Part of the park side is being used while the other side which comprises of a parking yard and houses is used by different transportation companies.

Meanwhile, a storied house where commercial activities will be carried out is under finishing and there is a plot where a petrol station will be built.

In an interview with Niwemugeni Axelle, a passenger who was waiting for the taxi to take her to Birambo, told  media that having an organized park will reduce theft, which has been encountered by passengers.

Drivers too indicated that it is useful because passengers will be arriving at the taxis easily, with an assured security for passengers, as pointed out by Mugabo Jean d’Armour, the representative of Horizon Express Transportation Company.

He said, “Apparently we are happy because we have come to operate in the taxi Park, our passengers are secure.”

Muhanga is among the six Cities next to Kigali when it comes to busy routes in additionally, it is considered as the hub for trade within the Southern Province.

Uwamariya Beatrice, the Mayor of Muhanga said that it is going to catalyze economy because it will be receiving many passengers from different districts.

The mayor said that the Taxi Park has commercial houses which will offer services that attract people who visit the district.

Construction started on 29th October 2014, and it is anticipated to be completed in two months.

It comprises of a four storied house, and it was purposely built to demonstrate the role of the private sector in the implementation of the Muhanga Master Plan.

The project cost is estimated at six billion Rwandan francs.

The Express News


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