The Public Service and Labor Commission learnt that in its audit of 2019/2020 in public schools, 604 teachers had A2 diploma and teach in advanced level of secondary education, the issue which made the members of parliament to express concern over the quality of education they provide.

Speaking in the Parliament on October 26, Kayijire Agnès, Vice President of the Public Service Commission said there were 604 teachers with A2 high school diplomas teaching in the advanced level of secondary schools.

Some members of parliament have questioned the quality of education provided by these teachers, wondering how a high school graduate is given the job of teaching in the same level.

Senator Prof Niyomugabo Cyprien said: “these teachers have A2 diploma and they teach in secondary schools, these are contributing causes triggering the poor quality of education and low performance at the labour markets for graduates.”

He said there was a study that showed that some districts choose to employ high school teachers because they are paid less, and ignore university graduates because their salaries are higher.
MP Nirere Marie Thérèse also embarked on the quality of education, saying that she was saddened to find that in the report there was a teacher who found zero in the job test, but beyond that got employed as a teacher.

“I have even seen a teacher who got a zero grade and got a job, all of which was taken care of so that the schools reopen without any problem, we wanted to see that the quality of our education would be improved because we continue to say we need it and the teachers we have no degrees, others get free marks to get a job, we would be looking for it where it will not come from.” MP Nirere noted.
The report also says that there are 762 teachers who are working and have not yet presented their diplomas, which raises questions about whether the positions they are actually holding should be deserving them.

The Commission says it has submitted its reports to the Rwanda Education Board (REB) and to the administrations of the inspected Districts in order to address the issues identified in the audit.

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