MJF QUALITY DESIGN Ltd a media company that has extensive experience in the printing, designing and branding, offering printing services for a wide range of print media has committed to offer quality, affordable and timely services in digital and screen printing services.

CEO and Director manager of MJF Quality Design told The Express news that their company operates in Town Kigali city near Quincallerie Bricotette

“this company came as a response in terms of technology, especially in printing, digital and screen printing, in digital printing we will add another service to print banners, we have large format to print 5scare meters in one minutes and we believe to serve and satisfy five clients in one hour,”

They also print brochures, business cards, gift bags, maps, notebooks, calendar, note books, posters, pull-ups, and other printing services.

“In screen printing we can print on ti-shirts, lacostes, and we have other printing sublimation where we can print on cups, stones, pens, key holders, etc. I tell our clients that here we have many quality services and we deliver you fast fast, currently we are printing all things for Bralirwa, and other companies,” she said.

“We have Large format printers, Textile printers and UV printers. And we specialise in various printing needs, be it printing: Flags, Flying Banners, Backlit, Banners, Stickers, Pull Up Stands, One way Vision, Clear Vinyl, Foam Board, ABS Board, Glass, Tiles, Aluminium, Fliers and Posters, we also manufacture:3D Letters, Signboards and Light Box,” she added.

MJF QUALITY DESIGN Ltd head office in Kigali

He explained that their goal is to serve all the printing needs for each company they work with, as one stop shop for all their marketing materials. “We can provide the samples when needed. MJF QUALITY DESIGN Ltd distinguishes itself through reliability, expertise and competitive pricing,”

He calls Rwandans to come and enjoy their services and get a personalised service, quality Product, Competitive price and Speed of service.

The Express News


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