By the time he reached to Kagugu Technical school, Minister of Education Dr Eugene Mutimura lay off Gerard Mbonabucya from his duties of leading examinations in SOS Kagugu center.

Min Eugene Mutimura has shocked to meet student whose same examination copies sitting on the same chair and immediately flew out the in charges.

The students were sitting together while they were doing same examination which will favor them to cheat.

Min. Mutimura also dismissed the surveillance whose no badges which is generally a mistake at work.

He asked the in charges to protect everything which can favor the student to cheat.

“I met two students sitting together with the same examination copy, I asked him to let others work for he is not working, I didn’t dismiss him”

He asked the in charges of examination to keep watching the length between students’ seats.

Bosco Nsengiyumva who was a deputy examination Leader on this center appointed replace Mbonabucya who was a leader.

Some years Gasabo district had the cases of students who cheated and some schools used to bring examination before the time.

Secretary leader of Gasabo district who in charge of social affairs, Languida Nyirabahire,said that they checked everything and there will be no questions. He added that it was a mistake which had made and they corrected it.

Mutimura noted that exams are the bridge that takes the candidates to another level, adding that nothing strange in the exams that can cause them to cheat or participate in any malpractice.

The 2018 national examinations will run through November 27 for O’Level candidates and November 30 for A’Level candidates.

There are 447 examination centres across the country for O’Level candidates while there are 381 centres for A’Level candidates.

Practical exams will be carried out from 243 centers.

The first exam started at 8:30a.m and ended at 11:30am, while the second one starts at 2p.m through 5p.m.

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