A total of 854 students on Thursday, March 5th 2020 graduated from Musanze-based Ruhengeri Institute of Applied Sciences (INES), with degrees in various disciplines.

Some 45 per cent of the graduates were female.

Graduates were awarded degrees from the Faculties of Applied Fundamental Sciences, Economics, Social Sciences and Management, Languages, Applied Linguistics and Law.

His Lordship Vincent HAROLIMANA INES Chancellor and Legal Representative

Speaking at the event, the Bishop of Ruhengeri Diocese, who is also the Chancellor of INES-Ruhengeri, Dr Vincent Harolimana, noted that the university was set up in a bid to offer the labour market a critical mass of professionals in various disciplines so as to contribute to national progress.

“To ensure we actively contribute to our country progress by notably tackling critical issue, we set up various programmes that we believe to be job-oriented, we also strive to put forward various researches vis-à-vis problems that hinder citizens’ development,” He said
This year’s graduation was held under the theme of ‘shifting from paper to product.’

According to Harolimana, the theme was inspired by the strong will by the university to impart an education that responds to the needs of the labour market.

He went on to say that the institute continued to play its part in the country’s progress, revealing that they were implementing dozens of projects which he underscored that are vital to the future of communities around the school campus in Musanze District.

The projects, Bishop Harolimana said, were about water and Sanitation, land management, environment and nutrition among others.

Jeannine NUWUMUREMYI Mayor of Musanze

Musanze District mayor, Jeannine Nuwumuremyi, hailed the University for its Contribution towards the district’s development through disseminating various research findings in the surrounding communities.

“Musanze District considers INES-Ruhengeri our active partners towards transforming citizens’ lives. The institute recently donated community-based health insurance to a number of vulnerable residents; it has also contributed towards finding shelters to homeless residents among other commendable endeavors,”

The mayor challenged the graduates to exploit various incentives that the government put in place in a move to boost citizens welfare in the community by ensuring they do not become a burden to parents and the country at large

“Whatever it might take for you to live your respective desired lives is already in place. It is up to you to grab the chance, feel free to consult local officials whenever you will be encountering some hardships as we are there to help,” She advised

Nuwumuremyi called on graduates to strive for innovation and create their own jobs instead of all looking to government and other institutions for employment opportunities – which are always limited.

Jean Baptist Habanabakize who spoke on behalf of the graduates, assured that that they had acquired skills and knowledge to both create jobs and compete favorably on the job market.

“Being at INES was a starting point for us to excel in our next endeavors given the knowledge and skills we have acquired in the last four years, we are therefore set to create our own jobs and employ a number of job seekers,” He pledged

Best performers were awarded laptops, smart phones and scholarships for further studies.

New programme loading…

Officials from INES-Ruhengeri announced plans to unveil ‘Architecture’ programme effective mid this month.

The rationale behind the new programme as averred by the school rector, Father Dr. Habien Hagenimana, is to contribute to efforts by the Government meant to take architecture to another level.

Vice Chancellor, Fr Dr Fabien HAGENIMANA

“Architecture as a university programme is rarely seen in our country, having it here at INES actually means that we are looking to contribute to our country progress by notably revitalizing Musanze City which is growing daily, we need to produce a critical mass of engineers in the near future. All is set as we are unveiling the programme as soon as possible, ” He said, adding that registration for the new programme was ongoing

Over 7000 students have so far graduated from INES Ruhengeri since its establishment in 2003.

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