Patrice Shema, a Rwandan based in United Kingdom came back in Rwanda to contribute to made in Rwanda where he first made Banger in his company dubbed ‘PATSBangers ’.

Shema came back in Rwanda after liberation of the country where he joined Advertisement, filming and various exhibitions in 2006. He explored many other opportunities and decided to bring those innovations to support his mother country, Rwanda.
After his education in Uk, he married and joined various domains. He served in the Ministry of justice and worked there during three years.

Why was it important that your bring your skills back home?

“I later worked as administration clerk, and later I did exhibitions in UK, focusing on Rwanda where I wanted to promote Rwandan history through arts. I gained bachelor’s degree in Advertising and graphics and later joined culinary arts. I learned to cook different recipes, later joined Bella-Italia restaurant. There I gained a high level certificate in culinary arts. I was a representative of Rwandan diaspora in London, but I was always passionate with culinary arts,” he said.
Shema followed the mentality to gain skills outside and bring it to his mother country to advance development.

PatsBangers company team

He said that Rwanda has many opportunities than foreign countries. He tried coming back since six years ago where he collected important kitchen equipment to be able to use them in the future when he comes to Rwanda.
“I wanted to build my mother country, teaching youths in order to improve hospitality. I wanted also to introduce something new to Rwanda so that I can help in development of the community. I wanted to show foreigners that my country is safe. Arriving in Rwanda, I joined Rwanda development board (RDB) for business registration. It was like 15 years living outside Rwanda and I tried to adapt to the situation I found,” he said.

Shema targets to launch street food campaign that will help Rwandans to get fast food in offices and at home. He lauds the efforts by the government to promote Hospitality and Tourism.
Shema shares his experience of foreign country such as UK, where many other Rwandans fear to leave their families abroad and come back in Rwanda.

Would you say returning home was worth it, after many years of living abroad?

“we are lucky that we have His Excellency, President of the Republic of Rwanda Paul Kagame who visits us and encourages to come in Rwanda, I did not hesitate to plan my journey to Rwanda, which surprised London diaspora people. I came and I keep encouraging whoever among my fellows who stayed in London who asks me the situation in Rwanda that he/she can come and invest in farming, because farming is the only business that makes people to raise their wealth. I encourage youth to come but without the spirit to be employed, rather to create jobs in farming,” he said.
He always avoids negative perception or failure, because it can cause depression. He said that togetherness is the first thing as he meets other diaspora who are in the country.
“I got many things in Rwanda that mark the development the country has met, and most of them are based in technology. I found smart infrastructures and technologies, irembo, mobile applications, and more. I thank how RDB officials help me doing everything,” shema added.
He said he is still building a good level of finance, trying to attract many clients and motivate them through offering them good services.

He recommends Rwandans to avoid negative perceptions about diaspora people as some say that diaspora people are arrogant.
In his business, he noted that he will emphasize on street food campaign by ensuring food hygiene and safety.

Shema in his kitchen

“I encourage people to love street food, it is a good campaign that can help our country to advance its development. We produce sauces, jackfruit sauce, using avocadoes and fruits as we like made in Rwanda compact. We also make sweet potato chips, we are good at outside catering and we ensure our clients get quality services,” Shema said.

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