NYIRANEZA JOIE Dorothee, is an investor made in Rwanda pottery. She left her job at insurance company where she served for nine years because she wanted to create own business and she was inspired by neighbor potteries in Kamonyi District.

“I observed that they do not do this art in a proper way, I found that they need support to improve on, I decided to go in Kenya to learn designing where I took 6 months and came back. I also like flowers, I managed to help potteries improve on their work and myself I tried to make flower arts. I have drawing talent and I called for a support of my colleague who learnt decoration with chanese who came to support me to help the potteries. We made various decorations and we struggled to make first 11 good products. I got Rwf 120,000 on 11 products and I employed these potteries after realizing that pottery and decoration can be a good business,”

some products made by Nyiraneza

Nyiraneza has a workshop in Kamonyi District, Ruyenzi, the road to Gihara. She said that she has all the raw materials needed to produce pottery artworks. She has participated in various made in Rwanda exhibitions and in Tanzania, she took the 3rd place as best hand innovative craft entrepreneur.
“now, I am looking on improving further, I thought on how to make plates and cups, I am looking ways to buy advanced machine to perform all these works. I work with hotels, and many people keep trusting me to work for them.”


“In general, I want to develop the district I live in, starting from my neighbours, who among them historically marginalized make a great part. I want to help them produce and earn. I wish that the district can help us reach out more vulnerable people who need this support, we also need that they can help us train them so that they get enough practical skills,” she said.
One of the challenges she met is market mindset, where people still do not understand the quality of made in Rwanda.

She has invested in made in Rwanda since 2016 and she serves hotels, churches and more. She calls Rwandans to value made in Rwanda as of now they still doubt on quality and durability of made in Rwanda products.

“They can buy it no matter how it is to help an entrepreneur move forward. We wish that Rwandans living abroad can help us expand markets for made in Rwanda. I remember one day when white people came and buy me three pots, the small, the medium and the biggest, it motivated me and it can be better when Rwandan community abroad help us market our products,” she noted.

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