Ramadhani Nsengiyumva lived in Belgium 23 years before he decided to return in Rwanda where he founded RWANDACASH LTD that facilitates money transfers between Rwandans in the country and those in Diaspora.

In an exclusive interview with The Express News Rwanda, Nsengiyumva shared a significant testimony of his journey in Belgium and later in Rwanda as RWANDACASH LTD – FOREX and MONEY TRANSFER business operator.

«I reached Belgium at the younger age, I studied both secondary and University schools there and later I gained diploma and different certificates including the Masters’ Degree in Finance. When I joined the labour market, I pursued different duties in financial sector; lastly, I was employed by Delhaize Coordination Center as cash management and foreign exchange expert in the period of 9 years.

In 2017, the company I was working for was bought by another company called Ahold from Netherlands, and my department shifted to Switzerland, I told my employers that I had another project I started since 2010 which is RWANDACASH LTD and I wanted to develop it, that is how I started working as an entrepreneur, »

Why didn’t you stay in Europe to start your business there and instead return in Rwanda?

I started this business in both countries in Rwanda as RWANDACASH LTD and in Europe as AFRICASH SPRL, both companies had Central Bank licenses in respective country.
I have been always interested in doing things serving the common interest and; the project above fulfils that objective, because it is an innovative way of sending money at a best price and in a reliable way.

“The reason to return here is that I love my country and her citizens-Rwandans in general. Besides, I like doing something that generates general benefits for many people. For example, the company I founded ‘Rwanda cash limited has the objective of helping Rwandan community in diaspora to transfer money at affordable prices, that is a general benefit. It is also the reason why I decided to start this business here in Rwanda and it is upgrading to operate in other neighbouring countries very soon.”

The beginning was challenging

I got various challenges both in Europe and in Rwanda at the beginning. It is very difficult to find a licence in Europe and I was the first black African to get a money transfer license in Belgium. Arriving in Rwanda, it required me to use many efforts to convince customers to use that in-house solution.

“My former colleagues we lived together in Belgium were happy for my initiative that targets common interest. I can encourage Rwandans to come and transfer money with us at Rwanda Cash Limited”

Rwanda cash head office

We have good prices and they are affordable. We also have agents in 140 countries. Rwanda facilitated me to start the business in all ways including licence application; we started with few customers where they came one by one until we reached 15,000 transactions per year.

What is your message to Rwandan Community abroad who want to start businesses in Rwanda ?

They have to know the beginning is always challenging as you meet many people who tell you that you are going in wrong direction but I can advise my colleagues to never give up, that is first, they have to know that most of the times those who said you are going to the wrong direction will be the ones to say you are performing well when your project is successful. So, if you have a project now or an idea, put in efforts and never give up ! Start now.

Where are your head office:

Rwandacash Ltd has its office in Kigali City in Kigali Investment Corporation (KIC), that is the former UTC, next to Camellia Restaurant.

Possibilities of sending money to Rwanda :

Send money to Rwanda from USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, please use our agent Click here

Send money from BELGIUM, NETHERLANDS, SPAIN, please visit our website to find the nearest office.
From Belgium by downloading the following app

Or visiting your nearest office, please visit Click here

Customers can either reach us via email : info@rwandacash.com

Website : Welcome to the Official website of Rwandacash Limited ”

They can also call us on mobile phone : +250.78.835.8787 or +250.78.830.94.07

By Mike Urinzwenimana

The Express News


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