Steven Mushaija president of Rwandan community china is in Rwanda for few days, he studied in china and is doing business there, owning Dongguan Alpha Import and Export business that is in the heartland of industrial parks and worldly known commercial cities of Shenzhen, Hong Kong , foshan and guangzhou (gwanzu).

He is a citizen of Kibagabaga in Gasabo District, and the same time Chinese, he has come to observe Rwandan market to see what to share with Rwandese in advancing and harnessing business.
“As a good citizen, I have come to share best practices from China after experiencing Rwandan market, you know that Rwanda China relationship isvery noble and incomparable. So, as the leader of Rwandan community in china I wanted to have a take away to share to chinese community in trade and engage them with business interaction. I wanted also to communicate what I do myself,”
His company, he said, will help Rwandans with small and medium enterprises (SME) to access to Chinese market, for better and reliable factory machineries, agriculture technology , raw material , spairparts , medical tools and etc on affordable prices and convenient payment methods like opening line of credits to Rwandan competitive entrepreneurs without going to the neighboring countries orEuropean countries, actually they all get them from china, why not Rwanda since we have even Rwandair .

Steven Mushaija interview with The Express News

“We also maintain good relationship and make a follow up once we have delivered goods and face challenges like malfunction, we continue to assist the clients”.
Doing this will also help to access more internships and permanent jobs for our diaspora students, which will help in technology transfer bridging two communities closer.


He said that one of the challenges to bilateral trade is culture difference between Rwandans and Chinese. “We are bringing a solution to such problems by trying assist Rwandans even though they do not know Chinese language. We want that Africans and Rwandans get there and buy quality materials,” he said.
Since 2013, he started studying in China. He found the Country developing faster in 2015-16. He observed how everything including infrastructures, Industries and technologies were growing, small cities turning into gigantic and enormous cities.
Mushaija steven was always asking himself if there is any other African country which would develop on the same pace.

“After realizing the role of industries to the growth domestic capacity, I decided to give an elbow of how to help Rwandans to learn from Chinese. We have to create that bridge and I think Rwandans can and will learn a lot.

China is said to be the giant export of the Universe due to its growing industries and businesses more so private than public .
“I found Rwanda a developing country that is also having magnificent move with good infrastructures compared to the time I left the country in 2013. However, they are not yet enough, there is a big gap to fill. Rwanda’s development is based on hope, the same as China, but I think all the challenges are due to limited skillful capacity.

Dongguan alpha in iron sheets raw materials processing factory.

He elaborated on challenges he faces in both countries, noting that governmental institutions are well established, they do even attend businesses ideas from diaspora , but delay in responding and following up plus limited finance to the start ups remain the big barrier.
He said that it is easy to meet government entities in China, once you have a developmental idea and getting finances is like waking in a pack . In other words, Rwandan bureaucracy is a bit slow compared to china’s, that needs to change at least . Mushaija said.


Mushaija said that challenges are huge which bears opportunities, saying that the fisrt opportunity is that he becomes among the indigenous pioneers to bring this business. “the first thing is that we bring this business the first, there is a gap to fill, Rwanda is also promoting industrialization and it has good relationship with China’s Government,”
He requests for collaboration with Rwanda Government, understanding youth businesses in the country and interact with them.
“We need to hear from what they want and us we can tell them what we bring for the country,” he noted.
He said that it is very expensive to register a company in China, as the permit of import and export is still costly, though they worked hard for it since it was very necessary to make sure that Rwandans are enabled to access on Chinese market .
“In china we are fine, but in Rwanda we are starting, reason why we need interaction with entities in charge of Trade to facilitate us,” Mushayija said.

Dongguan alpha Team Visit

His company has partnership with more than 200 factories in China, which is a good collaboration that gives a hope of growth, with that collaboration factories are obsessed with bringing models of what they are producing in Rwanda , which might help Rwandans to get them easily , but we are suffering with getting partners here in Rwanda, we wish government can be our biggest partner connecting us to the competitive partners in all sectors we bridge them with our chinese partners and establish a mutual benefit complete loop .

More services at Dongguan Alpha Import and Export

1.Export and import:

We have prepared all the necessary documentations to expedite the export processes from china to Rwanda, like industrial machinery,cheap advanced agriculture tools technology and advanced medical machinery technology and import processes from Rwanda to chinese market like Tea, coffee, fruits. We are the pioneers of this in Rwanda and china.

some cheap material in agriculture found in china

2.Product Research:

We offer the search service for the product a client company wants to buy and send samples for the approval . Since most of Rwandans fear go to china and end up buying from neighboring countries like uganda and kenya on high costs due to the dogma of fearing culture differences, this will help Rwandans feel at easy and save some energy and money.

3.supplier verification:

we visit suppliers factories , and verify their production activity , confirm and gather information , about the legibility of licencing and certifications, to ensure the product quality and purchase order security.

4. Negotiations.

we stand in the shoes of our country people/ clients and bargain for the best prices since we have mastered chinese languages , plus convenient payment methods .


We do technical inspection during production and after production with the experts to ensure the function ability of the product , lab analysis and shipment inspection.

6.Goods consolidation:

Its often buys , do buy different products and place orders in different factories and suppliers ,even in different cities . We ensure that the goods are consolidated at one point to facilitate a single shipment.

7. freight hiring:

we quote and hire freight for air and sea shipments, our team looks for and chooses the best rates , so your company also saves on shipping.

8. Follow up.

We want our customers to feel safe and care with peace of mind . Therefore , we carry out a follow up from the beginning of production , the process of shipping loading and sealing the containers, until the goods are received at the destination point, do clearance if a customer wants too. Each week we send an email with all order updates to keep the customers informed of each order process.

Contact Us Mushaijasteven in China: +8618200366129

In Rwanda +250 789334212.

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