Jean de Dieu Kalinijabo, journalist of TV1 and Radio 1 won three consecutive Development Journalism Award organized by Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) and Rwanda Journalist Association (ARJ) on November 8, 2019.

The incumbent journalist of the year 2019 won the ICT and Telecommunication promotion award, News reporting award and later the journalist of the year award. All his awards include a certificate, a trophy and Rwf 2,8 million.

“I was very happy and thanked almighty God as He is the only to help me get everything. On this World people work hard and sweat but whatever we gain in return we mush praise Lord instead of praising human beings; our sole efforts would mean nothing without God’s support. I did not expect to get any award and I was surprised to be called to come and pick my award. The recognition goes to my wife and children who are always near me and give me comfort.”

“I use to tell my fellow journalists that being a good journalist is not working for awards, but working to accomplish professional responsibilities. Individual award could not be one’s pride, but the pride of the media outlet he/she works for.” Kalinijabo said with a smile.
He said that the cash prize journalists get can help them buy professional materials such as computer laptops, or other properties like a land plot.
“The second one is that when you get award you start thinking on how you can improve your work. Furthermore, myself I want to prove that I deserved these awards by working hard and achieve more,” he noted.

Commenting on the award program, Kalinijabo calls on more Government’s institutions including Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA), Rwanda Development Board (RDB), the central bank (BNR), NISR, MINICOM and MINEMA to supplement journalists’ works by giving more awards to more journalists.

The Express News


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