In several occasions President Kagame never ceases to remind the public that the biggest challenge facing the country today is poor customer care that is still prevalent in both the private and public sectors.

The head of state is often heard noting that despite the country registers major developments there is much more to do in the field of customer care as poor service to clients hinders economic development, investment and prosperity stressing that “it should be dealt with forthrightly.”

For Charles Bagarirayose, the president concern awakened him and he thus opted to include customer care in his day-to-day schedule as he told The Express News

“Back in 2011 his Excellency the President of Republic talked on service delivery as He was wondering how poor customer care is still prevalent everywhere, therefore I felt concerned and that’s why I enrolled in the faculty of hospitality and industry at university.” He testified

Bagarirayose, 27, and the manager at one of the hotels in City of Kigali expressed that having mastered the real meaning of customer care makes him confident to share to the world the best practices through mentorship, coaching and training to ensure poor services are curbed.

“All what I need is to contribute towards the economic development of my Country by advocating for the good service delivery as customer care normally fast-trucks the country’s development. I always feel the later in my blood and my wish is to share my experience with whoever who may need so to ensure customer care is fully endorsed in our country.” He promised

A campaign dubbed ‘Na yombi’ was launched in March 2012 and its aim was to raise consumer awareness on the importance of customer care to service providers and users in order to increase competitiveness.

It was part of the government’s efforts to improve service delivery in all sectors around the country.

Figures from the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) show that the level of customer satisfaction in 2017 was at 80% compared to 71% and 65 % customer satisfaction respectively in 2010 and 2016.

The Express News


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