By Robert Zingani

The sixth State President of Republic of Malawi Doctor Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera opening the 13th meeting in the 49th season of parliament and the 2021/2022 budget meeting in Lilongwe Malawi today.

Speaking during the meeting, the State President did not hide his sadness on how things are being executed in government just to sabotage his administration not to perform to the best of rising the lifestyle all Malawians.
“I am aware that some civil servants and jealousy, greedy politicians are busy deliberately just to frustrate my government “, he said, adding that the status of poverty of Malawians is man-made, also stressing that it can and must be unmade.

“Malawians feel that in this first year, my government has turned the country around and started leading it in the right direction, the direction of a people-centered change.”
Chakwera elaborated that going into year two; Malawians want to see his government engage a higher gear.

Chakwera said that he is going to use three delivery accelerators that will invest time, resources and energy into speed up realization of country’s agenda which is to create jobs, create wealth as well as creating food security in order to increase the pace of real change. He said that this will help his administration to achieve sustainable development to all people.

The session opening of parliament was also graced by His Excellency Jorge Davide Gune who is Dean of the Diplomatic Corps and Heads of Diplomatic Mission in Malawi as well as Chief Justice of Malawi and leader of opposition.

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