Isaie Bitegetsimana, in charge of Export value chain at Entreprise Urwibutso-Sina Gerard explained that everything at Sina Gerald’s Enterprise is made from locally produced crops and fruits.

He detailed this during the ongoing Made in Rwanda Expo where many clients were curious to visit and enjoy the products of Nyirangarama.

“We have brought various products all manufactured from our local fruits. We have juices in different kinds; they are made from maracuja, pineapples, strawberries, and carrots. we plant them in Rwanda, and we add them value to take to the markets the final products.” he said.


“Here we have Agashya, akarusho, a wine from imizabibu, Akarusho is in a new improved package to protect environment and to make it very international. Akabanga is made from our locally grown chili, Akandi, Mayonnaise from our poultry business, Akacu which is a ketchup from our tomatoes, Urwibutso, Akarabo: the biscuits from our crops.” He explained.

Sina Gerard’s products are also exported to Europe, America and African markets. The enterprise is expanding the markets to reduce import-export gap, targeting especially to increase the exports.

Akarusho in new brand

“some people have not yet well understood what Made in Rwanda is, for us, we are here to explain to people how we plant, harvest and add value to the products. In this frame work, we established a farming and veterinary school to help Rwandan youth to learn and practice farming, veterinary so that they get knowledge on agriculture produce value chain,” he noted.


Food and beverages are being served for clients at Sina Gerald’s stand at Gikondo exhibition Ground. The exhibition that started on 21st November, 2019 will end on December 4th, 2019.

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