Over 400 exhibitors who will use over 800 stands will participate in the upcoming Made in Rwanda Expo 2019 that is to start from November 21st until December 4th, 2019 at Gikondo Exhibition ground.

It will be the 5th exhibition of this kind and among various business sectors that will participate include those in ICT, Manufacturing, Agro processing, Arts and creative industries as well as the film industry.

Along with the exhibition there will be also at first time, a national business forum where people will be discussing how to improve and expand made in Rwanda production.

Among the key discussions four main subjects including production and market expansion, ensuring quality of products, research development and innovations as well as branding will be highlighted during the business forum.

Faustin Karasira, Director of Operations at the Private Sector Federation (PSF) said that the stands will be visited by various entities and affiliated bodies during the period of exhibition.

“This exhibition will mark the celebration of what the country has achieved in terms of increasing the production of locally made products.” Karasira noted.

He said that the key flagship activities in this exhibition will include volks wagen electric vehicles, mining and locally made telephones among others.

Commenting on the issue of packaging that has been a concern to local manufacturers, Karasira said that this is still a problem since 2011 when the made in Rwanda policy was set up.

He said that the packaging as the policy plans, should respect the protection of environment by avoiding plastic bags. “we are discussing with the ministry of environment to find out a solution to that.” He said.

The 5th made in Rwanda exhibition is expected to raise benefits such as job creation as 94% of medium and small enterprises in Rwanda have shown a potential in producing local products.

The local manufacturers will be offering over 2,205 jobs every year.

The Express News


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