Kigali, 5 September 2017– A handover ceremony of East African community department moved from former MINIEACOM to Ministry of Foreign affairs and cooperation   took place at the Ministry headquarters.

The ceremony was attended by Ex head of Ministry of Trade and industry, Francois Kanimba who presented achievements and challenges of EAC affairs   and his counterpart Honorable Louise Mushikiwabo of Ministry of Foreign affairs, cooperation and EAC affaires who pledges to do her best to overcome challenges highlighted.

In his remarks Francois who has headed the Ministry of Trade, industry  and East African community Affairs for 6 years, expressed his  gratitude for  workers who were in charge of East African Community to his effort for the sake of achieving  Rwanda’s expectations from EAC, though they face some challenges mostly in integration process of East African community based on its pillars including; Custom union ,common market policy which is still hindered by the reluctance of lows implementation  and Monetary union policy which still has many things to deal with.

Francois Kanimba let his incomer Honorable Louise Mushikiwabo know that they are some problems in this community that needs to be handled. Some of them are misusing of East African Community Fund, Coast regulation which is still high and this this leads to financial crises since some countries are not able to pay the whole part of their shares.

On the other hand, Minister Louise Mushikiwabo who has been handed East African community department has thanked Ministry of Trade and Industry for the great job they did and pledges to continue her new added responsibility by promoting Integration with other EAC.

She said: “Firstly I thank Kanimba and his team for the great role they played. This is a great work, which requests mental, physical and dedicated efforts, and should be done when one is sick or absent. There must be continuity.”

She added: “Handover ceremony helps to recall that state duties must be go on, even if the team can change.”

Honorable Mushikiwabo vow that she will put much effort in integration since mostly challenges begotten due to mind set which differs according to the country.

She said: “Integration is not easy but is necessary. We are committed and willing. Moreover, we know existing barriers, we are ready to settle out highlighted problems.”

Minister Mushikiwabo warmly welcomes existing workers in charge of East African community and promised them to work in synergy.

Under the new cabinet of 31 August 2017, East African Community Affairs were moved from Ministry of trade and industry to Ministry of foreign, cooperation and east African community affairs.

Ministry of foreign  ,cooperation and East African community affairs  during ceremony

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