Living Forward is a journey of one day at time that will empower you to live your life forward in backwards days. Everyone knows how bad they can be and how bad their days can be. In fact, we don’t need to hear about it. What we need is hope to overcome bad days and the encouraging testimonies of those who overcame.

We are all sinners, but if all we hear about is our sin and the consequences of it, without ever hearing of the God who frees us from them, we often settle into an acceptance of our own damnation. There is hope for sinners. There is hope for the weak and struggling. There is a way for everyone trying to overcome circumstances. “Live Forward Daily” will remind you of the things you forget when everything seems to work against you.
In my first book, “The Race for Life: Memoirs of a Rwandan Genocide Survivor”, I talked about how I suffered from memories that haunted me every day and night. I reached a point when I couldn’t even think of suicide because I thought I was dead already and I do not recommend suicide anyhow. I tried alcohol to forget the history that happened around me, but instead of forgetting it, it seemed like it was the only thing that stayed with me.
Who said forgetting is the way of healing anyway? Your memories have so much to do with how you shape your future and forgetting is impossible, you may forget about what you can do about it but the situation itself will stay with you.
Memories are sometimes impossible to forget, the only way for a better healing is to surrender your memories to Jesus, the Maker of your brain, and let Him heal you. Many times He heals our bad memories by replacing them with better ones.
I want to help you face your memories with hope to overcome, a sure hope and a great assurance that Jesus provided for me. As far and deep as my torment was, His grace was deeper still.

The word of God is never understood just by reading it, but also by doing it. In Living Forward Daily you will read many testimonies and experiences of how to live your life forward no matter how many times you fail or lose. I believe it is in the middle of failings and successes we learn all we need to keep us going. No one can get it right all the time. The right way, however, is after many wrongs are made and eliminated. I hope you learn from my experiences so you don’t have to make the same mistakes.
The first success I want to help you achieve is JOY. Joy is not absence of problems, it is however the absence of discouragement that comes with problems and wisdom to hold on when others would have let go.

To be continued…

Theo Makombe

The Express News


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