Youth members of the Rwanda Pan African Movement (PAM Rwanda) on Saturday joined residents of Nyagatare Sector in a common activity to refurbish accommodations for Rwandan former combatants and fundraised for them through their initiative dubbed Rubyiruko Twiture Biratureba.

This activity is in a bid to give back to those who liberated the country and sacrificed their lives, others gave their bodies.
“This an activity we had thought about as young people and realised that we should lend our hand to those who were left casualties by the fighting living in Mirama Village, Nyagatare District. We wished to bring them electricity and collaborate in the activities to revamp rainwater channels so as to prevent that their houses might be destroyed,” said Michael Shyaka Nyarwaya, PAM Rwanda’s Youth Commissioner.
Shyaka said that all the things that were done came from the contribution of the youth as a symbol of recognizing those who fought for Rwanda’s liberation.
“There is nothing else we think we can do because they fought for the liberation of the country. So, as young people, we are also concerned by the fight for progress,” he added.
One of the ex-combatants, Lt Faustin Mugabo who became a casualty lauded the steps taken by the Rwandan youth in building their country.
“The costs are the parts of the body we lost, but when we see how our country is developing we don’t take time thinking about what we lost,” he said.
He urged the youth to shun discrimination and any other whatever may hinder Rwanda’s progress.
Meanwhile, the youth provided electricity to 18 families among 43 others who live in the village, as well as clean water worth over Rwf5 million.
They also revamped the road towards the village and a water channel so as to avoid house damage in case of heavy rainfalls.

The Express News


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