In response to the economic pressure created by COVIID19 containment measures , Catholic Relief Services Rwanda has successfully secured 250, 000 dollar in Private funding from its headquarter to respond support neediest family Participating supported by USAID in urban districts of Kigali

3600 families in Kicukiro and 5400 families in Nyarugenge totaling 9,000 households in ubudehe 1&2 meeting the following criteria : childrenunder 5 , pregnant woman ,malnourished child, depending on daily wage

Beneficiaries, precisely from two districts namely Nyarugenge and Kicukiro, are current members of the program whose children were malnourished and each one of them was given Rwf20,000 to use in boosting children nutrition or else investing in fruits and vegetable commerce.

Jacqueline Nyirangendahimana, president of Twitezimbere Shop UTC located in Karukoro village, Gasharu Cell, Nyamirambo Sector in Nyarugenge District shared the testimony before they get the relief.
“USAID-Gikuriro program gave us Rwf20,000 during Covid-19 to help some of us with malnourished children. I encouraged my colleagues who got the fund to come and invest in commerce of nutritious food such as fruits and Vegetables. We work as a team but we can work oneself when we get enough capital. We request the donors to increase the money so that we can expand our commerce and buy more small livestock,” she said.

group photos for beneficiaries

Mary Nizane, another beneficiary in Nyamirambo said: “We could not do commerce because of #GumaMuRugo and our capital was low, our children were in malnutrition status and we managed to buy food for them since we got the money,”
Louis Rwagasore,52, is another beneficiary who said life changed with the relief. “We will strive to have well-nourished children by planting fruits and vegetables as per the program’s directives,” he noted.
Annuarithe Mukankundiye, the leader of Karukoro village where the mini-market of beneficiaries is located said life of these people was in dilemma before they got the relief. “We could lack vegetables and fruits at markets because even few which were sold were expensive. With this support, they managed to invest in commerce of such nutritious food,” she said.

Speaking to the media on June 5, 2020, Dr Jude-Marie Banatte, CRS COUNTRY Representative said that the rationale behind the initiative was to support the government’s programs of Vision Umurenge Program (VUP) where needy families need to be catered for in terms of economy and wellbeing.

“Covid-19 has created economic impacts particularly in urban areas of Kigali. Moto taxi drivers, cyclists and most of workers who depends on daily income were affected. The rationale behind donating Rwf20,000 is to follow the existing government’s existing protocol in supporting poor families. We considered the VUP payment in twenty working days which is equivalent to Rwf20,000. This was to help them return in their normal life as their income went down to zero. In respect to their dignity, we found better to provide them with money,” Banatte noted.

Dr Yvonne Umurungi Serubibi, Deputy Chief of Party at USAID-Gikuriro program said that the entire program benefited needy families from eight districts including Nyarugenge and Kicukiro in Kigali.
“We expect to see impacts on their lives, this amount of money is to help them improve their children’s nutrition and invest in their saving groups and food commerce. Between March and April with #GumaMurugo (#StayAtHome), we chose current beneficiaries who used to meet in what we call ‘igikoni cy’umudugudu’ or village’s kitchen to learn how to prepare nutritious meal for children to avoid stunting and malnutrition.”

The program also considered a group of women and few men who manufacture hand bags in Mageragere sector. These include Jeannette Nirere, Julienne Ishimwe and Jean d’Amour Havugimana from Kiberinka village in Nyamirambo.
Another group of women from Kicukiro district, Gikondo Sector who also sell fruits and Vegetables benefited from the program.

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