President Paul Kagame has tipped private sector to hold the key of success of continental trade and quality service delivery, in Transform: Africa Business and Investment Forum.

Kagame who took over the helm of Africa Union, in 30th AU summit that ended yesterday, was delivering his remarks in Transfrorm: Africa Business Investment Forum arranged by Economic Commission for Africa and attended by Africa heads of States, Africa and U.S public & private sectors that took place Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
The President appreciated the idea of involving business leaders in the development of trade of the continent and expressed the role of private sector in bolstering business sector and quality service delivery to African citizens.
“We need active support from the private sector in fact without your voice something essential is missing. Several of the African Union’s most ambitious initiatives, are designed to unshackle commercial activity and entrepreneurship. It is about providing a better quality life to our citizens”

With Africa set to put in place the policy of Free trade and free movement of people, Kagame took that opportunity to ask business leaders to grab such opportunities as for the Single African Air Transport Market which was inaugurated yesterday, the African passports from AU commission which is already in place, to run their businesses smoothly around the continent as this would be essential to the competition of African firms and finally result in markets expansion and increased hiring ability as well.
President Kagame, went on show how effective and vital is the private sector involvement is to the quality service delivery basing on the case of health service sector in Rwanda especially drone aircraft blood delivery.
“In Rwanda, for example, we have entered into an arrangement with an African company to manage our lagerst hospital. What is being done is already showing success. We are also partnering with a private firm from the United States, Zipline, to pioneer the use drone aircraft to deliver blood and other medical supplies to rural hospitals.”
Kagame concluded his remarks by calling for governments and business practitioners to work collaboratively to the common goal of improving the well-being and prosperity of African citizens.

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