Like all genocide deniers and negationists, Rever is making her rounds in an attempt to sell her make-believe book “IN PRAISE OF BLOOD” about the genocide against Tutsi in 1994.

For the record: there is no official version of what happened in Rwanda in 1994. There is ONLY the truth.

Rever has been invited to speak (lie and distort) at Tarrant County College NE Campus in Hurst, TX on April1, 2019.

A month in which every Rwandan takes time out to remember the more than a million Rwandans that perished in those 100 dark days. Such callousness.

My concern is that, like other genocide deniers she will be speaking to an un-suspecting audience that knows little or nothing about what happened in Rwanda in 1994. She is free, as she has done in her book that she is promoting, to make things up and present what she believes are facts without corroborating evidence.

I respect the sanctity of free speech. But an institution of higher learning should show concern about the likes of Rever who go around pandering untruths to make a buck, and advance personal agendas.

It is not journalism but irresponsible street behavior accusing the RPF (who stopped the genocide against Tutsi) of Nazi style death camps.

To claim as Rever does in her book that the RPF was using mobile gas chambers and cremation pits that no investigator ever came across is pathetic and un-forgivable. These claims give journalism a black eye.

There have been many books since the 1994 genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda — some good, some obviously attempts by ill-intentioned pseudo writers to make money on our misfortune — but Rever’s book published in March, 2018 hits an all time low.

In this book INTERAHAMWE (those rabid murderers that turned Rwanda into killing fields in 1994, leaving a million people dead) have never had a better spokesperson.

Not only does Rever blame the victims of the 1994 genocide, but she would have you believe that the Tutsi invaded Rwanda from Uganda and un-leashed horrific killings of Hutus, in the thick of night, and the international community just turned a blind eye. And she then accuses the International Crimes Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) of refusing to charge the RPF with these dastardly acts.

And she lies like a rock: she claims to know and has befriended the founders of the RPF over the years, and has been privy to inside information that prove Tutsi culpability of a genocide against Hutus.

And who does she claim told her all this fake information? Disgruntled former RPA/RPF soldiers. She also claims to have been given confidential un-published reports from the ICTR that is proof of a genocide against Hutu.

Rever started her career with Radio France Internationale, and also worked for Agence France-Presse. Should one make any conclusions?

Rever is a journalist, but her work as presented in her book blurs the line between investigation and indictment.

Note : during the time the genocide against Tutsi was un-folding, Rever was not in Rwanda, but she speaks with the authority of an eyewitness.

And how about the claim that the RPF murdered more than a million Hutu refugees in the DRC? A fact that has never been published anywhere, or investigated. She can spare us her crocodile tears by telling her readers that most of the so-called refugees were heavily armed former members of the Rwanda National Army as well as the INTERAHAMWE who slaughtered the Tutsi and sympathetic Hutus, and escaped under the protection of French troops.

“In Praise of Blood” is a sensational book that does not fit with reality. It is more evidence that genocide deniers and negationists are a dime a dozen.

By Willis Shalita

The Express News


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