In the night of September 11, 2020, Singer Jay Polly and his team took off to Dubai and arrived there in the morning of September 12, 2020. Among their key activities, they had planned a concert dubbed ‘East African Night’ which had to take place in Dubai town in Venom Deira Club&Lounge.

This morning, The Express News is informed that Jay Polly’s concert has been postponed.

Speaking to The Expresss News, Kassim KAGANDA , the president of Rwandan Diaspora in Dubai said that they did not plan well this concert before where they only contacted the hosting place without consulting all entities in Dubai.

The leadership of Rwandan Diaspora in Dubai tried to talk to the team in charge of event preparation who were assisting in Jay Polly’s concert and explained them about legal framework in case one need to organize a concert in the region.

Jay Polly and his team decided to postpone the concert after the conversation with the authorities instead of putting many lives in danger following the COVID-19 pandemic where; mass gathering parties and events are prohibited.

flyer to postponed East African Night

The postponed concert ‘East African Night’ had to take place this evening of September 19, 2020 in Dubai Town, Venom Deira Club & Lounge.

The Express News


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